Making a new patient appointment with Michael R. Sorrell, M.D.

Your doctor has contacted Dr. Sorrell’s office to make a new patient neurology consultation. We will contact you to explain our policy on how to make an appointment.

There are 4 ways to make a new patient appointment with Dr. Sorrell. These are dependent on the agreements the practice has with the patient’s insurers. This policy will help Dr. Sorrell better serve his patients since they will help insure medical records are available at the time of the consultation.


Medicaid and MassHealth Patients:

Please come to the office with your medical records and fill out our intake forms. After this is done, we will schedule your appointment. You are not allowed to make a monetary deposit to secure the appointment.


Commercial Insurance Patients:

We require a $50 deposit by credit card before we schedule a new patient appointment. This amount will be applied to the patient’s co-payment after the consultation. If it is greater than the co-payment, the difference will be refunded to the patient. The deposit will be refunded if the patient cancels or reschedules the appointment 24 hours before its time. We will not refund the deposit if the patient does not come to the appointment or if the rescheduling is within 24 hours of the appointment. If you cannot make the deposit, please come to the office with your medical records to fill out our intake forms. We can then make an appointment for you.


Independent Medical Examinations

These appointments are lengthy and require extensive record reviews. They are scheduled by various insurers, the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents, attorneys, and other third parties. Fees and guarantees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Urgent Visits

We will waive the above requirements if the patient’s physician speaks directly with Dr. Sorrell to establish the urgency of the consultation.